The New Era Grocery Store


The New Era Grocery Store has arrived! Grocery shopping has evolved from a weekly chore into a bi-weekly experience. Shopping for food has finally become enjoyable, well at least for the customers that online grocery store are shopping at these New Era Grocery Stores. And not only is it enjoyable, but many of these grocery stores primary focus is to offer a healthier option.

With movies such as Supersize Me and Food Inc. and the book Fast Food Nation, Americans have become much more aware of what they are eating. And as the medical field probes deeper into the effects of obesity, people have become much more conscious of what they eat. Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s are really the pioneers of a healthier grocery option and with their recent success it has become much more clear that Americans are finally becoming more health conscientious.

So what are New Era Grocery Stores? They are by my definition the grocery stores of the future, the new, fresh, and creative stores that are popping up across the US. These stores have all the departments that you would have at a grocery store, yet they have uplifted the grocery shopping experience. Today Grocery stores have; Sushi Bars, BBQ’s, Wine Tasting Rooms, Coffee Shops, Massage Stands, Blood Testing Centers, Healthy Living Kiosks, and huge Delis with hundreds of tasteful options. The New Era Grocery Store is a place where customers can spend hours, browsing the isles, eating great food, and indulge their souls without feeling the guilt of filling their stomachs with something that they shouldn’t. It’s no longer a chore to go shopping, but something that you can look forward too, something you can make a fun date out of, something that will transport you to a different world.

There is still much room for growth and improvement and spread. Even though there have been many success stories involving healthy living grocery stores, they have yet to truly revolutionize the way that Americans perceive grocery. Heath awareness has become a culture among many homes in US, and as this culture continues to saturate America the door for opportunity grows.

Now, how will you grasp this opportunity? Well, below is a brief list that will help you get started in the right direction:


  1. Formulate a plan! Where do you want your grocery store to go? How do you want the customer to perceive you? What is your demographic? What will attract that demographic? Do I need to change my store layout? Do I need to hire or fire employees?etc.
  2. Analyze your competition. Find your competitive edge, and exploit it.
  3. Find areas where you can save money (electricity, phone bill, employee shifts, products that always expire etc.) Put all the money you save into a “new plan savings account.”
  4. Make sure you have a point of sales software solution that will allow you to easily carry out your plan. New products, marketing plan, new store departments, customer rewards programs etc.
  5. After you have saved enough money, put the plan into effect.





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