Skeleton Keys and Skeleton Key Necklaces

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I must say that i have quite a fascination with antique skeleton keys. I particularly enjoy working with the ornate styles and incorporating them into my designs. I find myself imagining their purposes in years past. The homes they locked up safe at night or small shops they opened for businesses each morning.

The skeleton key is also commonly known as a passkey. A skeleton keys purpose was to bypass the wards inside a warded lock. This is the same as a lever or “bit” type key real wolf tooth necklace. A skeleton key is a key that is filed and/ or cut so that it may unlock a variety of warded locks. I’m sure you have noticed that some of these antique keys are hollow at the shaft. This was done to allow it to pass by the wards without unlocking or locking the lock. Wards were placed in the center and on the outside, making it harder for illegal attempts at making an entry successful.

A skeleton key has a very simple design. It has a cylindrical shank and one to two minimal flat, rectangular tooth/ teeth or bit/ bits. The keys are also distinguished by their bow which is the part one would hold when inserting the key. These keys were most popular in the late 1800s. A bit key is distinguished from a barrel key in that a bit key usually has a solid shank, whereas a barrel shafted key can be made either by drilling out the shank from the bit end or by folding metal into a barrel shape when forging.

The keys were common in both cabinetry and door locks in early Colonial America. They stayed in common usage within the united states through the 1940s. After World War II the pin tumbler lock took its place. Most skeleton keys and their locks were made of brass, but pewter was sometimes used to make them as welIt seems that most women really love to wear jewelry. If you take the right piece of jewelry, and know how to accessorize it with your outfit, it can make all the difference in the world. Not only will your favorite pendant, necklace, earrings, bracelet, or watch make you look stunning if selected carefully the pieces themselves are fun to collect. What I see many women neglect to do properly however, is care for their jewelry so that it will look its best at all times and last for many years of enjoyment. You really should take the time and learn how to maintain your collection, because if you ever have some vintage pieces you will want them to look their best for the times when you pull them out and need them to make you look your best. Let us take a few moments to discuss some of the points to know so that you can care and maintain for your jewelry collection most effectively.

First off, you should dedicate a regular schedule to do some minor care of all your jewelry pieces. All it really takes is once per month and sit down to set aside time just to keep them in good condition. This part of your maintenance schedule is very simple, all that is needed for you to do is wipe off each piece with a soft cloth of either cotton or linen to remove any dust or dirt that may have accumulated. Try to get the spots that really collect the grease and grime like the spot in between clasps, or jewels, or other connectors. For pieces that have difficult to remove dirt spots you can use an old tooth brush and some soap and water and this process should remove it very easily. When you are all dome you can take a soft cloth and polish your pieces and they will be ready for use during the upcoming month.

If you one of your jewelry items is extremely dirty you may have to take it to the sink to try and remove it. Turn the tap water on so that it is warm and use mild dish soap and a sponge to help remove the grime. Simply apply a little soap to the sponge and then rub it on to the dirty area, and usually this will do the trick to take the dirt away. You do not want to place jewelry so that it is covered in water, you just want to use the sponge to get it wet. You do not want to use any scrubbing type of cleaners with the jewelry as this will easily scratch the surface of your fine piece. Make sure that when you are finished that the jewelry piece is completely dry before putting it away.

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